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My wife and I just opened our new home business and it was wonderfully easy thanks to the folks at GBSC. We just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you ALL are doing in providing your excellent web service and web management tools to us. Thank you deeply from Belle and myself for your wonderful service.

- Eric and Belle Bolander

As always, GBSC service gets a big salute from me. I was working with a contractor when we finally decided to send the query, and I said to her -- "Watch -- the response is always blazingly fast." She was stunned when I was proven right, as I was pretty sure I would be. She is just entering the workforce with new tech and web credentials. I hope she will find occasions to use/promote GBSC herself. You guys deserve it.

- Bud Washburn

GBSC is the only hosting company I've ever worked with who I believe actually cared about my needs and was willing to be responsive and helpful even when I had issues that might have been outside of their realm of responsibility. For high-end hosting services, there is no second choice option that I know of that even comes close.

- Mark Morgan

If I had started off with GBSC years ago when I had a chance of competing with larger advertising budgets, and only needed reliable hosting, I might already have the level of success I'm still pursuing.

- Bob Wellington


Successful Internet marketing hinges upon a clear vision of what you wish to accomplish through presence on the Internet, and a concise strategy to bring that vision into reality. Before we develop a web site for your organization, we will work with you to determine if your objectives are for increased advertising, information dissemination, direct customer linkage, online sales or some combination of these. Your specific objectives for Internet presence should be an integral part of your ultimate web site design, accessibility and maintenance requirements. GBSC's approach to web site design includes development of specific objectives unique to your organization, which are then reflected in the web site design and maintenance strategies.

A web site provides immediate access to information about your organization's products and services, and it is therefore crucial that the information posted on your web site is up-to-date and dynamic. Moreover, continuing advances in technology render web site designs obsolete very quickly. Successful Internet marketing depends upon commitment to a web site that is as dynamic and interesting as your organization and the Internet itself. GBSC keeps up with new technology and successful Internet marketing techniques and will ensure your web site keeps pace with the dynamic Internet environment.

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